Sue Stone is a UK based textile artist who is best known for textural, figurative compositions that often feature a fish.

“The fish is a symbol of my Grimsby heritage. It represents who I am and reminds me where I came from”

Sue’s inspiration is drawn from the seen, the heard and the experienced; personal relationships, life observations and a pride in her heritage. Her work has an emphasis on hand embroidery mixed with machine stitch and paint.

Sue gives talks and delivers workshops throughout the UK and has taught in France, USA, and Canada and online for Textileartist.org  which is run by her two sons Joe and Sam with whom she is pictured above.

Sue studied Embroidery at Goldsmiths College in London. She is an exhibiting member of the 62 Group of Textile Artists (Chair 2013 to 2018),  a Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen  and a member of SEW

16 thoughts on “About

    1. womanwithafish Post author

      I mainly do workshops for Embroiderers Guild branches throughout the UK. My website is being redesigned at present but Usually have a list on there and also in my newsletter. Would you like me to sign you up to that?
      Next year I will be teaching a workshop for Studio Preniac in France http://www.studiopreniac.com

  1. Bev Ann Blackwell

    Your work strikes such a chord in my heart! There’s something about seeing the faces of people you have loved, some of who are now gone, stitched so lovingly and patiently that it almost overwhelms me! I’m very interested in attending your workshop in France and plan on signing up for your next on-line course. I’d also like to purchase a book.

    1. womanwithafish Post author

      Hi Bev, Unfortunately the workshop in France was in 2018 and my book is now out of print. To find out about my online classes please sign up to the Textileartist.org newsletter and when the courses are rereleased the dates will be sent out via that newsletter.


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