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‘In Person’ workshops COVID 19 update

I am not currently travelling for ‘In Person’ Workshops

I am based in Great Grimsby, N E Lincolnshire,Uk.

All the work on this page is by workshop participants unless otherwise stated.

NB: From Autumn 2020 I will no longer be travelling outside my local area for standalone talks or 1 day workshops.

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Please note: I am not currently taking bookings for Talks

A digital presentation usually one hour in length + Q&A at end

Woman with a Fish (updated each year)
This talk is an introduction to myself and my work and includes
How I eventually became a Textile artist
Where I find my inspiration
A look at my recent work

Every Picture Tells a Story  (updated each year) which will include
A short introduction to myself and my work (ideas and techniques used)
How I combine images to convey ideas, thoughts and memories
An in depth look at some individual pieces and the stories behind them

A Family's Life 3 by Sue Stone
A Family’s Life 3 by Sue Stone photo by Yeshen Venema


A Focus on Faces – Appliqué & Hand Stitch Portraits – An Introduction to portraits – 3 to 5 day workshop

Every Picture tells a Story – hand stitch or hand / machine stitch – 3 to 5 Day Workshop

Say Something with Stitch – 2 day workshop – hand stitch – an introduction to narrative pictures

Sue Stone Handling Sample

Talks/Workshops 2020

29 June to 3 July – in conjunction with – The power of 3 – online workshop

Below a selection of work from online workshop ‘The Power of 3’ in conjunction with Stitch Club

Maiwa Testimonial


Every Picture tells a Story – 3/5 day workshop

A Focus on the Narrative

The aim of the workshop is to encourage exploration and experimentation with different ways to tell your own story using images and anecdotes to convey ideas, thoughts and memories. This workshop will focus on the narrative by looking at the different ways of working figuratively from the from the substantial and serious to the light-hearted and whimsical

During the workshop you will start a piece of work using your own drawings or photographs as inspiration. You also have the option to add text and narrative elements. A guide to choosing a starting image will be provided.

Hand stitch or  hand / machine stitch

Suitable for all abilities.

By the end of the workshop participants will have a piece of work started to continue to work on at home.

Comments from ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ workshops

This was a great class and I look forward to progressing in your online course. You have a special way teaching, making us all feel comfortable with our own ideas and gently adding those pearls of wisdom!

Jeanne – 3 day ‘Every picture Tells a Story’ – Hudson Valley Workshops 2019

This was a wonderful experience and I learned so much. I so appreciated how generous and giving you were of your expertise. You have an amazing intuitive sense about each person in the class and how to support each of us. That skill and excellent listening skills make for a wonderful teacher.

Priscilla – 3 day ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ – Hudson Valley workshops 2019

This has been a wonderful learning experience. Your generosity in sharing your insight and techniques and patience in explaining the same concepts more than once help all of us on the receiving end. I also appreciate the quality of your ‘slide’ presentations. They were well organised and developed with beautiful photographs. But best of all was your informative discussions and presentation and your accommodation of each of our unique needs. I much appreciated your calm demeanour and countenance. Thank you.

Elizabeth – 3 day ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ – Hudson Valley workshops 2019

Workshop 2 • Say Something with Stitch

2 Day Workshop – and introduction to narrative pictures.

In this workshop Sue will introduce you to working with multiple images which relate to tell a story. During the workshop you will start to make a mini textile approx 20 x 20 cms in which the focus is a subject of your choice. This could be a simple image of face, figure or animal but equally could be a flower, plant or object. It’s up to you. Using hand stitch, appliqué techniques and positive limitations Sue will guide you through quick and easy ways to get started and share the straightforward processes she uses herself to make compositions from multiple images. There’s no need to be worried about your drawing ability just bring a selection of simple images as inspiration. These can be of anything you like to tell your story. This is a hand stitch workshop and is suitable for all abilities. By the end of the workshop participants will have the necessary skills to develop their own narrative work further and a piece of work started to develop further at home. The aim of the workshop is to gain the confidence to use your own ideas to tell a story and enjoy doing it.

Workshop 3 • A Focus on Faces • An Introduction to portraits – 3 to 5 day workshop

Participants will learn how to create a portrait from either from their own drawings or from a photograph or illustration using simple hand and appliqué. This option requires the participants to bring either their own drawing or to bring a selection of photographs that have been enlarged (Please bring original photo as well) A Guide to choosing a starting image will be provided.

By the end of the workshop participants will have the necessary skills to develop their own figurative work further and a piece of work started to develop at home.

Comments from ‘Hand Stitch and Appliqué Portraits’

I really enjoyed the workshop and loved learning the tissue transfer method.  I really like it when the piece talks so directly to you and tells you what it wants to be. Great – beautifully paced & good balance between instruction & inspiration
What I really wanted to say, though, is that I think you are possibly the single most patient teacher I have ever had. 

Ann – one day Appliqué and Hand Stitch Portraits – Selvedge – March 2019

Many, many thanks for such a fun workshop. We really benefited from all your ideas and experience! 

“Wonderful Day. Workshop was great and inspirational. Itching to get home to carry on! ”

“A really enjoyable workshop. Certainly made one think. Thank you Sue. Great to see & touch your super work”

Comments from Lutterworth EG – 2016

“Amazing and inspirational! Learned loads of new techniques. Thank you.”

“Fantastic day. Thankyou. You were very generous in sharing your skills. I learnt loads and have come away with lots of ideas.”

“Brilliant day. Thank you for your encouragement and for passing on your fantastic skills”

Comments from TX workshop, Cheshire 2016

NB: For absolute beginners Sue can provide some simple images.

Hand Stitch • suitable for all abilities

Experiment with some of Sue Stone’s favourite hand stitch techniques to create texture and pattern that can be used for both figurative and non-figurative work.

Techniques covered may include: layering, appliqué, running stitch, backstitch, freeform cross stitch, chainstitch, needle-weaving, ‘mock’ herringbone, couching, colour mixing different threads in one needle.

Sue will provide a handling collection of samples of her own work for you to use as reference. At the end of this workshop participants will have a number of samples which can be kept and used for reference for future work.

Comments from ‘Exploring Pattern and Texture’ Workshop – Louth Textile Group – March 2015

“Have enjoyed hearing about your inspiration and all the information relating to stitches in your work. A lovely day, thank you so much” – Pat Cave.

“Excellent day – very informative – produced some lovely stitch effects – thank you” Jan Dowson.

“A wonderful Day, thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of trying out your stitches!” Sarah Maloney

Comments from Louth Textile group 2015

Comments from Developing Stitch Books – NE Region EG Summer School, Wooler – August 2015

“Interesting and worthwhile workshop – encouragement to think ‘outside the box’ whilst using quite simple but so distinctively Sue Stone techniques, very inspiring. Thank you for your thoughts & comments , and enthusiastic willingness to pass on techniques.” Cheryl Penna.

“ Great techniques, super samples & wonderful tuition. Thank you.” – Kate Allport.

“Brilliant workshop. I have never completed so much & it was great to explore & practice techniques, great samples to motivate & aspire to. Thank you” – Jane

Comments from Texture & Pattern weekend – Stitch Retreats, Stoke Rochford Hall

“Lovely to meet one of my favourite textile artists and to learn techniques to use in my own work (I already have an idea for a piece) “Clare Wilkins.

“Very inspiring stitching – just what I needed. Lovely to see and handle the work & samples.” Marian Hall.

“Thank you for a lovely weekend. Lots of ideas to play with later.” Avril O’Brien.

“Lots of interesting ideas to work on when I get home. Thank you.” Bunty Emery.