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Textileartist.org Stitch Club

I will be teaching my workshop ‘Off the Grid’ in the Textileartist.org Stitch Club from 26 September to 7 October 2022

Sign up now to find out exactly when Stitch Club Registration opens.

https://training.textileartist.org/stitchclub-closed/ This link will take you to a form to get notifications when Stitch Club registrations opens. This will be very soon and it’s a very short window so don’t miss out!

Off the Grid

Experimenting with Texture and Pattern in Hand Stitch 

The  aim of the workshop is

  • To encourage exploration and experimentation
  • To use positive limitations to develop your skills in decision making. 
  • To help you develop an understanding of the importance of thread choice and how it affects the surface quality of your work. 
  • To push your your stitches to their full potential and create more surface texture.
  • To have fun trying out stitches that are new to you and find out what they can do.

There’s also a new article on Textileartist.org about where I find my inspiration written by Mary Carson