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This Life matters - a series of 7 portraits

This Life Matters

‘This Life Matters’ is a series of 7 small portraits which focus on the inequalities spotlighted by the Covid 19 pandemic. Each representative of the global community wears the same white t shirt with a slogan ‘This Life Matters’, a nod to Katherine Hamnett’s ‘Choose Life’ slogan t-shirts of the 1980s, Each has their own word embroidered at their side which indicates their circumstances or mindset: Displaced, disenfranchised, disconsolate, dispossessed, dispirited, disabled, and lastly disappearing. Each life is as important as the next. 

Reference Shakespeare ; 7 ages of man.

Offerings @ Collect

I finally made it to Collect yesterday and there was a treat in store for me in the Project Space. I have been following Lucy Brown’s progress with Offerings on her blog and her work at Collect did not disappoint. The grey ribbon warp works really well within the space and there are little gems of intricate woven fabrics and flashes of coral to catch the eye. The show runs until Monday 14th May so do get down there if you can. 
See more of Lucy’s work at Unravelling Nymens