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62 Group exhibition • Small Talk opens today 4th June 2013

The latest 62 Group of Textile Artists’ exhibition opens today at the Constance Howard Gallery which is housed in the old Deptford Town Hall building on New Cross Road, London, SE14. 

The 62 Group has a strong link with Goldsmiths as many of the exhibiting members were past students and indeed teachers. “Small Talk”, as the title suggests, brings together new small-scale work in a range of mediums in response to the gallery space.

For more information about the exhibition dates, opening hours and accompanying talks from 62 Group members see: http://womanwithafish.com/Small_Talk_info.html

My piece ‘Do you come here Often?’ can be seen in this exhibition. For more information about this mixed media work which combines embroidery and appliqué with acrylic paint see: http://womanwithafish.com/Do_you_come_here_often.html

image of Do you come here often?

A Good Read

What a stimulating day it was yesterday. First my copy of the new 62 Group book RADICALTHREAD dropped through the letterbox, closely followed by my copy of SELVEDGE magazine. Nether disappointed me.
Audrey Walker MBE, Alice Kettle, Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, and Tilleke Schwarz are all in the RADICALTHREAD book which profiles 57 current members of the 62 group, including myself and gives an insight into the innovation and the creativity of the group which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.My piece Family with Fish is featured on page 112.

I spent last night reading it and I can tell you it is a great read. Let me know YOUR thoughts on the book.

SELVEDGE magazine is an equally good read this month. My favourite article is written by June Hill and is called Strong Influence. It outlines the influence a good teacher has on their student. It was of particular interest to me as I was lucky enough to have been taught at Goldsmiths by Constance Howard, Christine Risley and Eirian Short who are featured in the article alongside Audrey Walker and Alice Kettle who are fellow members of the 62 group.
There is also a great article called Thouroughly Modern Mode which champions the allure of demure clothing.This definitely appeals to me. I gave up exposing any body parts in public years ago!