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Detail of GGWT Copenhagen

A Grimsby Girl’s World Tour • Copenhagen 2022

A Grimsby Girl’s world Tour • Copenhagen 2022

This is a very personal piece which captures the essence of my creative practice: textural stitch, appliqué and paint combine to create the allusion of a journey to another place and time. It is a poignant work depicting the visit of grandmother to a grandson she never met. He was born 3 weeks after she died. The Grimsby girl, my Mum, Muriel is shown as a child in this piece. She never had the opportunity to travel outside the UK in her lifetime; here she travels to Copenhagen where her grandson, Sam, now a grown man, currently lives with his wife, Eliana.

This work is part of my Grimsby Girl’s World tour series. She has previously visited Bogota, Colombia, Outer Space, Tokyo, Japan, Madrid, Spain, Brooklyn, NYC, USA, & Vancouver, Canada. All places either myself or my work has visited.

Size: 30 x 30 cms

Materials: Linen fabric, cotton & linen threads, applied silk fabric, acrylic paint

Techniques: Hand & machine stitch, painting, appliqué