Collected Memories Project

Here’s a little bit about the  project
I Remember you

Memory: collected and collection

Would you like to take part?

I would love to include you in this project.

I invite you to take part by sharing your ‘memories of yourself and your relationships’ in the form of anecdotes, sounds and images. I am looking forward to collecting all your stories whatever they are about.

The material gathered will inspire a series of new work to be shown alongside the work from Do You Remember Me? at the Muriel Barker Gallery, Fishing Heritage Centre in my hometown of Grimsby in from 24 March to 15 July 2018.
My plan is to document some of these collected memories in a book and also create a digital archive of all the re-tellings of other people’s ‘memories of self and relationships’.
If you would like to share memories of yourself in the form of anecdotes, music, sounds or images from any time during your own lifetime:

Email me

Memory should be 50/100 words max


Alf Pitcher

Example 1 : A memory of my Dad

As a child I remember my Dad, Alf darning his own socks and shortening his own trousers. He kept his needles and threads in a housewife roll, Royal Navy standard issue. He was in the navy as a young man during WW2. I loved this piece of kit.

David Pitcher


Example 2 : Best Friends

Olwen and I were inseparable from a very early age. We were born 1 year apart. We lived directly opposite each other and were best friends. When we fell out we would go to our respective houses and would hang a white handkerchief out of the front bedroom window when we were ready to make friends again which was usually about 10 minutes later. When Olwen got married I designed her wedding dress and my Mum made it.

Sue Stone
Project supported by The Textile Society Professional Development Bursary


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