2 new works

In Another Life 2021

Size 48.5 x 59 cms

Hand and machine stitch with applied fabrics

In Another Life 2021 continues a Grimsby Girl’s world tour with a stopover in Madrid.

Born in 1913 she was not able to travel during her lifetime and had very few opportunities in life to pursue her artistic and musical interests. She left school aged 13 and was apprenticed to a tailor. It was a hard life with no recognition of her skill as a seamstress. She loved singing and was a talented contralto. Here in another life, alongside her best friend she travels to Madrid to study music, dance and theatre.

Another Time, Another Place 2021

Size: 48.5 x 59 cms

Hand and machine stitch with applied fabrics.

Born in a time when women had no right to vote and many left school at 13 or 14 years old. Ordinary women without opportunities to work after marriage or to travel abroad. Combining images of unknown people from the family album with images from the Alcázar Real in Seville, Spain; symbols of heritage combine with memories to make the composition and bring together an imagined journey to another time and place.

1 thought on “Imagined Journeys

  1. Meg

    Oh, I find these two pieces moving. In particular, that the background artifact in “Another Time, Another Place” is so impactful compared to monotone, but by no means plain or simple, women and fish point to the ephemeral nature of life.


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