Which Way Now? 2020 mixed media

Which Way Now?

Detail of ‘Which Way Now?’ 132 x 59 cms

‘Which Way Now?’ aka ‘A Self Portrait in Turmoil’ is perhaps an indication of my frame of mind during lockdown.

At first I couldn’t make any work at all and then I became a little obsessed with ideas that I had to get out of my system whatever the result.

I have worked in my studio most days on both large and smaller work and my larger work seems to have become more free and experimental.

6 thoughts on “Which Way Now?

  1. kateg2

    I’ve come over to look at this piece several times, Sue. I’ve always come away inspired by the range of inventive textures, but today I find myself thinking about how your body of work has transitioned from memories to vulnerable self reflection to questions of continuity during this roller coaster of history that we’re on. I’m sure I’ll be back to look at this piece many times. You aren’t afraid of the urban landscape, in fact with needle, thread, paint, and experience you’re offering it respect and more than a little hope.

    1. womanwithafish Post author

      Thank you Kate for your kind words. I can see that you are beginning to understand my work in which there are a lot of half hidden meanings. The transient urban landscape I used here was in Madrid which I visited for the first time last year when my work was featured in a World Textile Association exhibition. I found it such a vibrant and lively city but with small areas of quiet reflection where past and present came together fleetingly such as this place tucked away around a turned corner. Made during Madrid’s total lockdown earlier in the year it’s hard to imagine the whole city in that quiet state.

  2. Linda Florio

    Hello Sue, I am a member of the Stitch Club and wandered over to your website to look at your current work. I am astonished at the beauty and soul
    of your compositions. I love that you have taken the decorative into the realm of the psychological and historical. So amazing! I really loved your workshops and hope you will do more in the Stitch Club.

    1. womanwithafish Post author

      Hi Linda, Great to hear from you and thank you for your kind words about my work. I will be doing some more workshops for Stitch Club in 2021 so I hope to cross paths with you there.


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