Retrospective • An Archive of Work 2015

A Gallery of Work made in 2015

Most of the year 2015 was taken by the making of 63 • a Self Portrait made up of 63 images but I did manage to fit in a couple of other pieces. I began the year by making a partner piece for Portrait of a Grimsby Girl 2014 which was called Portrait of a Lincolnshire Lad a triple portrait of my Dad. It measures 76 x 55 cms and is mixed media : hand and machine stitch with paint.

image of Portrait of a Lincolnshire Lad 2015

Portrait of a Lincolnshire Lad 2015

I also managed a commission of Great Grimsby Ice Factory.

image of Great Grimsby Ice Factory

Great Grimsby Ice Factory 2015

About 63
63 is a self-portrait made up of 63 images, one for each year of my life so far. So why put myself through all this work, and, to be perfectly honest, the angst of self examination, a replaying of all the ups and downs of life?

There were several reasons, but the main one was that I was asked to take part in a self-portrait exhibition in 2015 and I was given a 6 metre wall to fill!

For this I had to work to a deadline and that in turn forced me to look at the way I work and helped me find a simplification of my mark-making.

I didn’t finish it in time as my thought process was slower than expected and so it was shown as work in progress. Numbers 1 to 42 were shown.

Numbers 1 to 57 were completed in 2015 and are shown below.

image of Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

I’m proud to say that Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries 2015 shown above is now part of the prestigious Diana Springall Collection . It measures 25.5 x 30.5 cms.

Exhibitions 2015

Society of Designer Craftsmen Christmas Market – 14 – 20 December – Mall Galleries, London
Illustrative and Stitched Drawings – 28 November – 10 January 2016 , Customs House Gallery, South Shields, Tyne & Wear, UK
New Textiles Transformed – 3 October – 7 November – Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, USA
Shifting Images – 8 September 2015 – 7 February 2016 FHC, Grimsby, N E Lincs, UK
Face the World – 12 October – 25 October Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln
Festival of Quilts – 6 August – 9 August – NEC Birmingham with Through Our Hands
62 Group • NOW! -17 March – 10 May Upfront Gallery Cumbria
Designer Crafts at the Mall – 8 January to 15 January, Mall Galleries, London

13 thoughts on “Retrospective • An Archive of Work 2015

  1. freestyledesignblog

    Incredible work. Did you work from photographs or from memory? If the former, you must have them well organised.

    I found this very revealing, eg the changing hair colour, and styles especially the ‘sculptured curls’ I remember from the 60’s, and the elongated spectacles on the 12 year old schoolgirl, the blatant ‘posing’ of the seventeen year old. To me, all these say something to me about you. None of it bad, I assure you. I love self portraits and I think this is great.

    1. womanwithafish Post author

      Thank you. I worked from a combination of old photos and from memory. I also had a few self portrait pencil drawings from the 70s when I was at art school which were also referred to. Many of the photos are very small and are black and white. I found out a lot about myself when I was doing these and went through many different emotions. There are 15 more still to be documented.

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