The Last Picture Show

detail 5 outside the pub

The Last Picture Show will sadly be the last exhibition at Gate Gallery which closes its doors for good on 21 December 2013. It runs from 5 December until 21 December 2013 and is a mixed show by gallery artists including Sue Stone, Sarah Webb, Nick Ellerby, Steve Upton, Wayne Sleeth, Alf Ludlam, Anthony Housman and Letitia Thompson. The gallery will close after six and a half years of wonderful exhibitions. I have been showing my work there since it opened in April 2007 and was one of 3 artists in the inaugural exhibition. It will be missed.

Tea Party in Tokyo

A Tea Party in Tokyo version 2

gate gallery 2

images of paintings by Steve Upton (left) and Alf Ludlam (centre and right)

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