62 Group exhibition • Small Talk opens today 4th June 2013

The latest 62 Group of Textile Artists’ exhibition opens today at the Constance Howard Gallery which is housed in the old Deptford Town Hall building on New Cross Road, London, SE14. 

The 62 Group has a strong link with Goldsmiths as many of the exhibiting members were past students and indeed teachers. “Small Talk”, as the title suggests, brings together new small-scale work in a range of mediums in response to the gallery space.

For more information about the exhibition dates, opening hours and accompanying talks from 62 Group members see: http://womanwithafish.com/Small_Talk_info.html

My piece ‘Do you come here Often?’ can be seen in this exhibition. For more information about this mixed media work which combines embroidery and appliqué with acrylic paint see: http://womanwithafish.com/Do_you_come_here_often.html

image of Do you come here often?

2 thoughts on “62 Group exhibition • Small Talk opens today 4th June 2013

  1. womanwithafish

    Thank you very much. Please make sure you check out the somewhat limited opening times for the exhibition before you travel. Details can be found on the link at the top of the page.


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