Lichtenstein, Chuck Close, Kurt Schwitters and me


First to the Lichtenstein at Tate Modern on Friday. I really enjoyed this but having read a review saying that all rooms looked the same I wasn’t sure I would. This review was grossly unfair.

Perhaps I am a bit sentimental about Lichtenstein because his work reminds me of time spent in London in the late 60s/early 70s but I particularly enjoyed the later collages and also the small drawings and of course the old favourites such as Whaam!


Then on to the White Cube in Bermondsey to see Chuck Close’s print exhibition. His work is fantastic and to see the prints broken down into there individual colours was amazing. An enthralling exhibition for anyone who is into the technical side of printmaking .

On Saturday I gave a talk to the Contemporary Quilt AGM at the American Church in Tottenham Court Road. They were a great group of people who made me feel really welcome. Contemporary Quilt are a specialist group of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles.

On Sunday the highlight of the weekend which was a visit to the Kurt Schwitters exhibition at Tate Britain. I’m a big fan of collage so it was a treat to see Schwitters small collages which were definitely the best part of this exhibition. I had seen his work first at the Armitt museum in Ambleside a few years ago but I knew nothing of his period of internment on the Isle of Man so it was fascinating to see the work from that period as well.

Now I’m back in GY and all cultured out!

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