My 5 Favourite Sewing Machines

I was going to write about my 5 favourite sewing machines but then I realised there is only one for me.The Bernina 1008 is the best mechanical sewing machine in the world, unless you can tell me different. To have one of these is great, to have two, as I do is fantastic. One can be set up for free machine stitch with the darning foot and the feed dropped whilst the other is ever ready for dressmaking techniques with the standard foot and the feed raised. I’m sure there are lots of great fancy digital machines out there but for me nothing beats the control I get with a basic mechanical and the hands-on drawing skills that it allows me to employ.

Long live the Bernina 1008!


5 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite Sewing Machines

  1. womanwithafish Post author

    My first Bernina mechanical lasted for 35 years in constant use and in fact still works perfectly but is now used as a back up machine so I hope the 2 machines I am using now will last as long.

  2. Canvas & Thread

    i love this Bernina too, unfortunately i dont own one but i have access to them at uni, i bought a Janome but had i been able to afford the Bernina i wouldve bought it without hesitating! 🙂

  3. Beth Berman

    I just bought one this week. After reading your post and doing some research, it sounded like my original sewing machine; the one I got when I was 11 ( a LONG time ago). It was a Brother and was a clone to this machine. It could sew through concrete (almost) but I sewed the sling back leather on my shoes and everything thick or thin. I also have a $8000.. Brother but it’s all wires. It does amazing things but I want strength and speed. I just set up the 1008 yesterday and took my first stitches and I love it already. Just what I always wanted – another machine that will sew anything smoothly and fast!! So glad I read your post


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