7 Strands

Helen Banzhaf

I am very excited that the 7 Strands exhibition is to be hosted by Gate Gallery in my hometown of Grimsby. See the Gate Gallery website for further details .This will be a rare opportunity indeed for Lincolnshire folk to see such a diverse high quality Textile Exhibition . www.gategallery.co.uk

7 Strands brings together the work of Helen Banzhaf, Lucy Brown, Dorothy Ann Daly, Ann Goddard, Christine Gornowicz, Tilleke Schwarz, and Sue Stone, all members of the Internationally renowned 62 Group of Textiles Artists working in various disciplines including Stitch, Weave and Conceptual Textiles which challenge the boundaries between Fine Art and Making.

The images below are a taster of what you will see in the exhibition. 2 June to 23 July 2011.

David as Dali (left) and From Grimsby to Gracia (right) by Sue Stone
Tilleke Schwarz

Dorothy Ann Daly
Christine Gornowicz
Lucy Brown
Ann Goddard

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