Lineaments of a Coast exhibition 7 April to 21 May

 If you are in the Grimsby area between 7 April  to 21 May, Gate Gallery is well worth a visit . The gallery is hosting an exciting exhibition of paintings by Pippa Llewellyn, who has lived and worked in Theddlethorpe for over 20 years. Theddlethorpe on the Lincolnshire coast is an area of sea dunes and both saltwater and freshwater marshes. The paintings are mainly large and abstract. Some are vibrantly coloured some more subtle in hue. They are not literal interpretations of a particular landscape but capture the pure essence of her familiar coastal environment. The images shown are my own personal favourites. See for more images and information.

Top • Untitled Landscape • mixed media
Below left • Boats on Blue and Grey .Below right • Boat on Yellow • mixed media

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