At a Tangent – Textiles by The 62 Group – Gallery Oldham

At long last I managed to visit the exhibition. Gallery Oldham proved to be a great venue for the work, although I did feel the lighting could have been better. It was a small but varied exhibition. I’m not sure it was one of the group’s best exhibitions but it was great to see handling samples and sketchbooks on display. My own personal highlights were a fantastic mixed media piece by Jae Maries  and 2 beautiful woven pieces by Christine Gornowicz:
Image below courtesy of Christine Gornowicz.
Also on display at the gallery  was :Threading Dreams: the Art of Kantha
I am so pleased I caught this exhibition before it closed. It was so inspiring.
The exhibition showed early Kantha embroideries by textile artist Lynn Setterington with a selection made by women and children of the Sreepur Village Charity in Bangladesh. 
Visit for more details about the work of this charity. 
To buy charity cards visit 

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